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I am signed up for Sunday. I will be getting a hotel Saturday and scoping the track. I hope some of you northerners sign up. Only 10-12 spots for beginners. IT WILL FILL IN A DAY OR TWO. Info. below.

Frequently asked HPDE Grp 1 registration questions:
NASA membership is required to participate. Group 1 entry fee is $289 a day and includes a formal classroom training session and an in-car instructor for 4 track sessions (conditions permitting). One driver per Grp 1 entry. There is no 2-day rate for Grp 1. You need your own helmet and car that is appropriate for HPDE. Convertibles or open top cars need either a rollbar or factory installed rollover protection for HPDE. The Grp 1 program is the same both Sat and Sun. You can register for either day, but if you register for 2 days please be aware that there is no refund or credit if you cannot participate both days for any reason. Most newcomers participate only one day and get a satisfying experience.

HPDE cancellation policy is: Refund minus $30 processing fee with written notice up to 7 days in advance of the event. Otherwise, no refunds or credits/partial credits.

All registration is done online with payment by either VISA or MC.
The link to the on line registration page is here:
If you are not yet a NASA member, you will need to establish an account with NASA. Click JOIN NASA at and follow the directions to become a member.
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