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Hi All 馃憢
Firstly, my apologies but I don't know much about cars except the beauty, the models, price ranges, what I like and don't, but I love a fast, smaller, sporty, stand out, look at that
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hot a** ride! 馃枻 But..want to know all about this one I recently got!
1st time owner of a Cadillac ATS4 2.0T and am I am in LOVE!!
Love the way it handles on the road, love the way it takes curves..who doesn't love curves!! Love the sleek high end look of my beautiful black baby! I am having a hard time finding some hidden I've learned to manage 馃檭
One thing I have an issue with are the factory headrests! Even though I've clenched them back to the farthest position they still do a number on my neck on longer road trips. I have horrible back issues and that might be the problem, adjusting my seat all the time, but is there anything else someone might have some advice on what to do about them not being so far forward? Besides pulling them out and not using any...haha. I'd appreciate any info!!
Will also be posting about a weird mishap early today on another post.
Thanks everybody!!!

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Welcome, and nice ride you have there. Re: headrest, have you adjusted the headrest all the way to the rear - if yes, then you could try inclining your seat back a little - which would take your arms further from the steering wheel, so you might have to also scoot your seat forward a little. It`ll require some experimenting to find that sweet spot of comfort.


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Thanks to the IIHS who dings cars on their safety scores IF the headrest can be moved more than two inches from the back of your head at a 25掳 seat incline, this is now the norm. For those of us that like having a more upright 5掳-15掳 incline, we have to deal with the headrest either right up against our heads or pushing them forward. I don't know why there isn't an aftermarket for this. In my old Altima I was able to pull the headrest out and flip it around and it was perfect.

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I think with a little adjustment of the seating position and a little time, you will get used to the headrests in the ATS. I remember them being annoying when I first took delivery of mine but I found an adjustment that worked pretty well and pretty soon I no longer noticed the annoyance.

If your trim level has adjustable seat firmness, that can be a big part of making the headrest comfortable. You may find that increasing the firmness in the seatback portion will help move you forward of the worst of the headrest. Just a little change in seat geometry can make a big difference in comfort. You may also find it helpful to change seat adjustments some on long drives to avoid sitting in exactly the same position the entire time. One of my friends has had back problems for years and he found this very helpful. If you are the main driver for this car, you can use memory positions 1 and 2 for your two different alternative setups allowing you to easily go back and forth on long trips.

Sergio makes an excellent point about how safety constraints work against comfort and when you combine that with other packaging constraints, it can make it difficult to find a seat adjustment setup that works well for you. My 2018 GMC 2500HD Sierra Denali has the most comfortable seats of any vehicle I have ever owned but it isn't constrained by size or weight concerns like the ATS and with a 10,000 pound weight rating it isn't subject to all of the same safety regulations as lighter duty vehicles. Unlike many, I find the optional competition seats in my Corvette to be very comfortable including the very supportive headrests. Those seats fit like a glove. My daughter is now the main driver of the ATS now and the 2021 Camaro I bought as my replacement daily driver required a lot of seat adjustment to make it comfortable. It is built on the same platform as the ATS so that wasn't surprising but it is a little more comfortable for me at 6'2" because unlike the ATS, it treats the rear seats like a joke and is heavily biased towards front seat room and comfort. My briefcase and workout bag fit comfortably in the back seat of the Camaro with enough room left over that a physically fit mouse could probably ride in comfort :)

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Welcome. You said the car is a 2.0T? Says 3.6 on the back. Would make it a v6 vs the inline 4 turbo. still both stout platforms

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Your ATS looks like a Performance or Premium trim, which means the seats have lots
of adjustments. See what the manual says for adjustments and try them all.
Look at that headrest video and make sure it's not forward.

The lumbar support firmed up might help your lower back.

Instead of leaning the seat back forward, tilt it back some and move the seat closer.
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