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Yup, I've been looking, and for the dumbest reason, too. My wife says she slides too much in the passenger seat which contributes to her car sickness. All I really want is the suede inserts for the two front seats. I haven't gotten a quote yet from an upholstery shop, but I'm sure that would be the cheapest route. I am a BIG fan of OEM look in my cars though, so I priced out just getting the lower cushion and leather/suede from the Recaro seats and just the seat-back leather/suede cover from the non-Recaro ATS-V seats and, honestly, it wasn't all that much less than getting two full Recaro seats!
Yo, stop driving it like you're alone! Seriously, have her put the seatback more vertical, tip the front of the seat cushion up and the rear down so she slides less. If that doesn't work, get some velcro.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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