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ATS 3.6 Rear swap

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Good evening to all. I have a 2013 ATS 3.6 Premium rwd....just wondering if anyone has or has heard of anyone who has swapped the rear out. Just looking for a little more get up and go without doing engine mods or power adders.

I've heard theres like a 3.42 or maybe a 3.45 rear? Would it just be a bolt in and tune? How would I find one?

Don't want to go down the road of just swapping ring and pinion, been down that road and they never last, just want to swap out a factory rear basically.

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IIRC, a 3.45 was available with the 2.5l. The swap would not be worth your time or money. Changing from 3.27 to 3.45 would add a tiny fraction of improvement for the cost. If you really want a change that you can feel, look into whether the ATS-V 3.73 rear can be swapped.

I went from 3.23 to 3.73 in my LS1 Camaro and there was a performance gain (measured at the track by myself and many others) and a definite SOTP improvements. The only people that switched to 3.42s were those that started with 2.73s. Nobody went 3.23 to 3.42.
I just saw this, I thought I would get notified if someone commented, guess not. Thanks a lot for the input.
I actually sold my Camaro to buy this, it was a 97 however lt1 with LLOYD elliot stage 2 kit, kook long tubes and 100 shot, sure miss that car but with the kids aging this was more practical. Bought her in 2000 stock with 20k and had her for 16years. A lot of time and money spent with that car ; )

On the Camaro I too went from a 2.73 to a 3.42 in the rear and it was noticable. So I see what you mean. I will look into the 3.73. Thanks a lot.
a Tune may be all you need.... I put a Trifecta tune on my 3.6 powered SRX, really happy with it.
I appreciate that. I've been thinking about just getting the tune done for now. Think I'm going to go to a local guy Jeremy Formotto from faster proms.

Thanks for the input.
Sadly the 3.73 from the V will not communicate, something about a built in pump or cooler or something.

Turns out Overkill has a supercharger kit for these models so....time to start saving ; )

Thanks for all the input.
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