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ATS 3.6 Rear swap

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Good evening to all. I have a 2013 ATS 3.6 Premium rwd....just wondering if anyone has or has heard of anyone who has swapped the rear out. Just looking for a little more get up and go without doing engine mods or power adders.

I've heard theres like a 3.42 or maybe a 3.45 rear? Would it just be a bolt in and tune? How would I find one?

Don't want to go down the road of just swapping ring and pinion, been down that road and they never last, just want to swap out a factory rear basically.

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IIRC, a 3.45 was available with the 2.5l. The swap would not be worth your time or money. Changing from 3.27 to 3.45 would add a tiny fraction of improvement for the cost. If you really want a change that you can feel, look into whether the ATS-V 3.73 rear can be swapped.

I went from 3.23 to 3.73 in my LS1 Camaro and there was a performance gain (measured at the track by myself and many others) and a definite SOTP improvements. The only people that switched to 3.42s were those that started with 2.73s. Nobody went 3.23 to 3.42.
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