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Mercedes C300 Luxury - ATS retired (torque coverter shudder)
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Just picked up at 2014 2.0t ats luxury rwd maybe 3 weeks ago. Drove it for 5 days and was loving it and it started to pick up a really rough idle. I bought it with 43k miles. On the 6th day I got a check engine light and made a service appointment and on my way to the dealer the engine light began to blink and the stabilitrak and all warning lights came on and the rear wheels began to lock up and chirp as I slowed down to turn into the dealer. Dealer checked it out and said a piston had failed and it’s getting a new engine. Rear diff was also leaking in 3 spots as was the radiator. It’s now been at the dealer almost 2 weeks. I’m supposed to be getting it back in the next couple days. They also talked about replacing the motor mounts with the engine because of the rough idle before it blew but I’m not sure if that’s happening.
Man are you ever lucky all this happened under warranty, the ultimate used car nightmare. My condolences.
1 - 2 of 98 Posts