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I am from the STS-V area and wanted to know if there is any interest from the CTS-V group in the Atlanta or surrounding area. Post up if you are interested. How about we show Rice Town how it's really done on the track.

Atlanta Motor Speedway is a long sweeping track. Details Below.

Click on the link below for full details of the event.
AUG 25TH & 26TH

Round 2 of the Club Wars Compitition is set. Redline Time Attack & Club Wars are joining together to put on a Car Show like you have never been to before!

CAR SHOW: With 8 Classes to cover every make and model -- your car or team for the Circuit Life Car Show! $30 entry fee per car and includes two passes for the Time Attack, and "Circuit Cruse" parade laps.

You Club Wars Staff will be given everyone's individual Score and that Score will represent your Club. The Clubs represented with the top 3 scores will win a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place Award and Points for their club.

You will have a unique oppertunity to win in one of the 8 Classes provided by Redline Time Attack and win for your Club as well.

VENDOR MIDWAY: Product and Racing displays form top manufactures in the industry -- includes our new "Circuit Tech" Seminars and car shows.

CIRCUIT TECH SEMINARS: The fastest way to improve both yourself and your vehicle! Top manufacturers and tuners explain car control, proper car setup, brake upgrades, suspension technologies and other important topics. You will have the opportunity to talk directly to the manufacturers and tuners that will be explaining their new products, technology, and racing theories.

SPECTATOR RIDE-ALONGS: On the Saturday Test & Tune/HPDE day, spectator will be able to receive rides in cars entered by various drivers and teams that will competing in the Redline Time Attack! Spectator ride-alongs will ONLY be given on the Saturday of the event.

If your tired of the same old Car Shows, this is the Event for you.

Click this Link to get registered and view the Redline Time Attack Web Site.
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