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Ate At Kai...Chefs Restaurant

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Had the opportunity to eat at Chefs restaurant Kai last month. This place ROCKS :thumbsup: In the course of my travels I get to dine at a lot of fine restaurants...Kai rates up there with the best. Any forum member who is in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area needs to try it. To keep this thread from being moved to the Food Forum I did ask our waiter if the Chef with the High Powered Cadillac was there; he wasn't, but it was the dishwasher that actually owned the Cadillac!! Didn't but that one. The food, service, and dining experience were the best :worship:
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Bustin' suds is where it's drinks all night :alchi:

Thanks for the props..
Well he didn't win "BEST CHEF IN THE UNIVERSE" for nothing. :highfive:
So Chef is changing his handle to Dishwasher?
So Chef is changing his handle to Dishwasher?


To be moved or to not be moved, that is the question.
How can they have an entire article about you, including your hobbies, and not mention the V?
How can they have an entire article about you, including your hobbies, and not mention the V?
Pulled from a P.R. script a ways back. It's on there today as we speak...
Heeeeyy- a fellow golfer! No more crap from Luna about the clubs in my trunk.... :D

If you're ever in Florida we need to tee a few up. There's some great courses down here. :thumbsup:
Scotty Cameron Putter
Mizuno Blades
Taylormade Woods (3,5,7-for fun) with Fujikura Shafts
Yellow Authentic 84 Lumber leather Bag from Daly
Big Bang Driver - Harrison Shaft
Cleveland 60 degree & 56

Used to live in Tampa for many years but never played until I came here to Az...Been playing almost two years off and on... 9-10 handicap...

Played today after 5 months....:mad:
Oooh, Mizuno blades... I'll stick with my X18 Callaways- a little more forgiving.

Ping G5i Putter
Callaway X-series woods with Fujikura shafts
Spiffy Cadillac bag won in a sales contest
Cobra X-Speed 10.5 degree (offset)
Callaway X16 58 degree lob wedge, plus 56 gap, 54 sand and 52 pitch (yes, I have 4 wedges in my bag)

My treat if you're ever in town, brother.
Just read your review.... Talking about buttering Momma's bun's while she's sturring the gumbo. Can you fold napkins too? J/k. Congrats, talk about our own celebrity.
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