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Did you not see my post?...... [snip]...... IT IS THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of the removal and now I am curious as to whether there will be UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of the elimination of a full size vehicle from the Cadillac Lineup.
I've been lurking since your first post. The title specifically connotes intention, motive and perhaps a skosh malfeasance the way it's worded, which may be the source of your frustration. I woulda' picked, 'Unintended Consequences Of Dropping The Only Chance At Giving Bob A Half-Way Respectable Replacement For His GD POS 25-Year Old Dino-Ride In A Few Years After Some Damn Depreciation Has Warshed Off Them Neato CT6es'.

But that's just me.

To begin with, it's pretty much against my religion to buy any over-priced depreciating asset new, - unless I can fully depreciate it. So, instead of boiling down to a single coveted new shiny object I get the run of the whole industry's worth of 'rushed-to-production-to-beat-the-competition's-same-attempts' used offerings after all the "unpaid beta tester" new owners have pre-tested and debugged them. But again that's just me.

So, not being in the maker's demographic sweet spot for new purchase I'll just offer some meandering observations. The -6 was Cady's first fullsize RWD since the last Fleetwood 20 years earlier. There's nothing 'unintended' about their decision to drop any Omega offering (and abort the CT8). Cady is banking on electrics, and there's enough unsustainable factors using any current platform that something called Celestiq will supposedly be an all-new flagship.

For me I'll have the pick of the litter with up to 4 years of CT6 at way under 1/2 price. Almost an inch more wheelbase than I currently enjoy, but 19" less overhang which is sweet, damn near the same curb wt., and all for just giving up one passenger. LOL

Cady may be grabbing leader's role for GM's 4 surviving brands gradually heading to all-electric. And that would certainly NOT be anything unintended. So there! ::raspberries::

I'm not going back to find the smoking/ashtray content. I'll just offer that the space is valuable real estate on a dashboard to be getting wasted on a personal vice with flattening or diminished demand. I've never smoked cigarettes, so 35 years ago I repurposed an ashtray door as an equalizer faceplate, and another car I modded the ashtray into a simple sliding drawer.

But as offered, it sounds like something to do a paper on. But I betcha Cady's already done a giant one eh.

::random ramblings off::
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