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Anyone use for TSBs, etc.?

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Hi guys!

A fellow member posted some TSB information that he got from

It's a pretty cool site, with all sorts of technical info; TSBs; recall info; service manuals; and so forth.

It's a little pricey.. About $45.00.

I was thinking of joining, because there are two TSBs that apply to me (passenger mirror issue and rattling from the center vent).

If you don't pay, you can see the title of the TSBs, but you can't read them.

Here are the TSB's for our cars, by the way:

If I had a friend with an 08 CTS AWD, I'd go in together. At $22.50, it's a no brainer!

I was just wondering if any of you have experience with this site. $44 well-spent, or does it just info that can be found elsewhere?


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the AllData is OK but try this free site:

It's a little cumbersome but it does work. It will get you the actual TSB info.
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