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Anyone Need black door panels or arm rests?

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On a trip to the junk yard this afternoon I came across a very nice set of black door panels with armrests from a 93 Devilee. The only defect is a very small crack at what would be the top left of the power mirror switch...otherwise they look new! If anyone needs them let me know...I'll see what I can get them for!
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I mat be interested. Get a price and maybe even some pics.
He wants $100 for all four complete door panels with arm rests.
Lol. I'll pass. I can go get 15 door panels for that. Thanks anyway.
Wow!!!...let me know if you run accross any red front drivers door panels with a good'll be able to make some money off of me!!! Let's see...100/15=$6.66 each panel....I'll give you $50! Let me know when you find one!! Thanks!
My bad. Its only $6 a panel for me. Well my yard just crushed 80% of its u-pull inventory for reasons unknown but others I go to don't charge more than $10 each. I'll keep you in mind when I go hunting.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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