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So I've been dealing with a really annoying squeak noise while driving. I've determined that the rear flex disk (rubber coupler between rear diff and driveshaft) is rubbing on the exhaust and making the annoying noise.

This is on my AWD STS but posting here as there are more people on this side that don't run stock.

Should I be concerned about the damage to the flex disk? Any ideas how to remedy this situation?

Replaced left side motor mount which helped but the issue is still present. Now the Dealer says "nothing is broken so nothing to fix". And they consider this to be aftermarket custom exhaust even though it is stamped GM Performance Parts on all 3 mufflers.

Pics of what is happening from a few weeks ago.

2 clips taken while driving. iPhone was laying in the back seat with windows up and seat back not in the car. High pitched squeak noise. For the second clip it starts about 1/2 way into it. You'll note that I'm not "on it" in either recording. I'm actually coasting down to take a turn from about 60 -> 20.

I have GMPP exhaust for the STS 4.6L on my car (not the V version GMPP).
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