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Anyone have a Kenwood DNX7100 Installed?

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If you do, I have qustions!
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doubtful anyone has that EXACT model...
wanna list the Qs it may help...
I am researching the installation in a 2002 Escalade.
So far I have the Kenwood DNX7100, a KCA-BT100, for Blue Tooth, a KTCHR 100TR for HD Radio, and a KCAIP300V for IPod.
I dont know what other adapetrs or wireing the installation will require.

Update on my Kenwood DNX7100.
I bought it at Car Toys Got it installed yesterday. The DNX7100, A KCA-BT100 for bluetooth hands free MX radio and Stearing wheel intergaration. Took several trips around town using the navigation, I realy like it, seams to be real accurate. the bluetooh works good,is easy to use.
What Questions do you have
Ollie, are you saying the DNX7100 and the components you listed will work in the STS? Do you still lose the car control thru the radio? I have an 05' STS and it has the base radio and it sucks!! I need to upgrade to get Sirius..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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