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'93 Fleetwood Brougham...Dad's
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One thing that disappointed me when we got our Fleetwood is that it only had the cassette player and not the CD. However, this didn't seem to be much of a problem after a while, because I usually only listen to the radio anyway, and I thought I could just use the cassette adapter I have for my portable CD player. Well, something is wrong with the player, and after inserting a tape, it clicks, switches sides, clicks, switches again, clicks, and then ejects the tape. Basically, it doesn't work.

So, I'm just curious to see if anyone here may have put an aftermarket stereo in their Fleetwood, and still has the stock one. I'd prefer CD and cassette, but either way, the price would have to be right. Then again, I still don't know how big of a deal it might be until I start driving the car more in a month or so...

Anyone have one?
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