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Although I would agree that the rotary (actually Wankle) engine has some advantages over a conventional piston engine, the disadvantages are major ones:
1. Manufacturing cost
2. Emmissions
3. Fuel mileage
4. Component packaging (fitting it in a car)
As for a liter to liter comparison with a piston engine, I think that's NOT a fair comparison since the displacement is not used quite the same in each engine type.

A more interesting comparison might be Fuel consumption:Output power, or HP:MPG, or even Engine weight:Output power, or Unit cost:HP. This could go on for ever.
To be honest, I'd rather see a Gas Turbine engine in my car. I can get as much torque out of lunch box-size gas-turbine as my LT1. And I can adjust the fuel control to run on damn near anything that'll burn.
Plus it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Burn-out" ;)
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