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Anyone change a starter on a FWD 4100?

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Hi everyone--

My starter has begun to crank slowly...checked the battery and swapped it out with another that I knew was good and it still cranked slowly.

Has anyone changed a starter on these 4.1 engines? Is it hard? Any tips? I'd like to do it while it's still starting so I can drive it up on ramps.
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If it is the starter, shop should be able to put load on it. You can also look at bushings at end of armature. If they are worn, they could be hindering starting ability.
On my 90 4.5 it was about the easiest domestic starter I ever changed. Just a hint, be sure to check the ground cable that mounts to the block and rear starter support for corrosion. (Don't ask how I know this!)
on my 1986 4.1 you need to remove the service plate under the car on the drivers side (3 x10 mm bolts). that will give you access to the starter and a/c compresssor. Not too difficult to replace and be sure to check the ground cable as well.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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