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Anyone at Jersey beach this weekend???

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I'm at my house in Avalon, NJ.......Saw a Blk Cts-v with sport wing at ice cream store... Anyone here?

Anyone else around the area?????Maybe a meet can be set up......
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I'll be in LBI on Thurs and Fri. My parents had a place in WWC on Seaview Ave for 20 years before they moved to Florida. IMO its the best place on the Jersey Shore.
I only went to LBI once during college for a party - at night, so I couldn't tell you. Its more of a family community with no boardwalk. And I think you have to pay to get on the beach. How long have you been there? We were in Lantern Lane the white condos on Seaview and Heather two blocks away. Small world.
I do really badly want to get there again. Love it. I'll let you know as we will do that. I was in LBI, just no comparison. Did see another Black V with florida plates, a black STS-V anda Stealth Grey STS-V.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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