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Anyone at Jersey beach this weekend???

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I'm at my house in Avalon, NJ.......Saw a Blk Cts-v with sport wing at ice cream store... Anyone here?

Anyone else around the area?????Maybe a meet can be set up......
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Venomous, I have a place in Wildwood Crest. I had my black STS-V down there last weekend.
I'm on Seaview ahahnu. Right near the police station, Cardinal Road.

I've never been as far north as LBI, but I hear great things about it.
We've been in WWC for about 6 years, at our current house 3 years.

I'll look at those condos on Heather this weekend. If you ever get back down that way, just look for the STS-V parked in the street on Cardinal and stop in for a beer.

It is a small world. I have seen one other CTS-V parked at the Harbor View Inn one night and I saw a XLR-V drive by the house a few weeks ago with a good looking lady driving it.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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