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I hope you will not take it personally, but you unfortunately have no idea of what your talking about. Bulldog is a low end product. I would never ever recommend that product. The Vat's system has not been used since 1995. The new caddy's minus the Escalade use the Passkey 3 system, which is a transponder based system and very difficult to bypass. Fortunately there is a bypass now available and I have had no problems using them. I work on Cadillacs everyday and know them very well. In order to use the fuel door button is not rocket science. The keyless entry module uses data now instead of pulses. It talks to the BCM or DDM module in the door or is part of the DDM. It is not as easy to tap as you described. I either use the DEI stand alone remote start or the Audiovox's unit. I like the new DEI since it has on board relays and gives me more features to use. If you do not have a fuel door button such as on some of the newer Cad's I use the 3 button push of the lock button and the vehicle remote starts. The new caddy's have very very good range on there system now and most owners do not want to have a second remote or a new one. I absolutely do not recommend a novist attempting an install on a newer caddy. Find an expert in them and pay the Piper. It will be the best money ever spent. With all the multiple computers in the newer cad's why risk spending more money to repair what you have messed up than paying a pro to put it in properly. When I need to do plumbing in my house I call a plumber. Do I like paying the price? Heck no, but everytime I have ever touch a pipe it leaks. I pay the pro and it comes out right. Make sure whoever you pick solders all connections and has a thorough understanding of the new cad's. There ignitions are totally different as how to tap the harnesses. That's my two cents!

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