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Anybody know how far the EXT can go after the fuel light comes on?

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Just wanted to know before the thing just completely stopped in the street. LOL!
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they generally have two full gallons when the light comes one ... thats a good 30 miles
Or until the engine sputters to a stop. If you jerk steering wheel right and left (or left and right) if you are left handed (or even if you are not left handed) you might get the vehicle to travel a few hundred more feet or yards. In the meantime, the sediment that is in tank will get into the screen and at least partially clog it up. Repeated attempts at testing the limits will then cause the fuel pump to get noisy (initially a low hum; then louder; then failure). No problem: cost to drop tank and replace fuel pump is likely less than $600, certainly less than $800. Anyone want to line up???? As always, sarcastic me.

Next idea??
Not to mention the fact that GMT Series trucks (and GM products in general) are KNOWN for notoriously inaccurate fuel gauges. It -HAS- happened here before that a person's vehicle has stopped AS SOON AS the light came on or even BEFORE on various vehicles.

Like 'bird said, you are risking your pump if you ever let the truck run out of fuel. A previous boss of mine ran out of fuel -ONE TIME- in his 2006 Silverado 6.0L and spent 350.00 on a new pump ONLY because the Chevy dealer he bought it ad had mercy on him shortly after he purchased it and split the cost.
These gentlemen are completely correct. This area is not a limit that you want to push. Do yourself a favor and don't flirt with emptying your tank...ever. It will be a costly mistake when you are dropping 6 bills for a new pump.
Great advice!

Are there any products that work well as a additive to get rid of junk or water in the tank? What about the fuel jet cleaners you add to a tank of gas. Are they worth it?

Can the tank be drained?
Can the tank be drained?
I think you can siphon out fuel to "drain" the tank. Maybe take out a couple quarts while attempting to remove any crap floating on the top by letting some air into your siphon tube, run the stuff through a coffee filter to eliminate the large gunk and then put the pre-filtered fuel back in the tank. I've never tried this before, but I think it would work. Obviously if the coffee filter (or whatever you use) disintegrates, you don't want to put that gas back in the truck. Or you could just throw the siphoned fuel away. Anyone see any problems with this? Are there any anti-siphon features in the tank/fill line?
Wow, thanks guys. I appreciate that advice.
I'm glad people mentioned the sending unit burning up. I've seen it happen before on our work trucks. I always tried to keep at least 1/8 a tank in my Escalade to keep the pump from overheating. :)
Rolex is right.

Here's a tip: when it's half full, go fill it up!!!

I work with a couple guys who apparently are unable to get gas. Seriously, they come back twice a week with a truck literally on frickin' fumes. Drives me crazy!!! Gaaah!

It's nuts.

I told one guy one day last summer, "Dude, you're getting paid by the hour, and you have a company credit card for gas!!! Why don't you stop and get gas??!?!?!?"

He looked at me like I was crazy... so, I dunno, some men, you just can't reach, I guess....

I dunno... In my Escalade, with my fuel pump riding around, and a gas guage that is kind of a rough approximation of remaining fuel, I fill up at a half tank...

Truck is way too heavy to push, and to try and preserve my last shreds of dignity, I kinda thought maybe I'd skip the calling of the tow truck, the waiting for 2 hours, and then telling the guy "yeah, I ran it outta gas..."
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