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anybody have the e&g body kit and kept it carbon fiber on pearl white??

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Hi all, new to the Cadillac forums here I'm actually a lexus enthusiast and recently built/modified a lexus is350 to a lady from texas and she loved my work so much she sent me here 2009 cts to modify. So I joined this forum w plans to research/get some knowledge and also check out mods and get feedback etc. So, the cts is pearl white and I'm liking the e&g lip kit and was also thinking about keeping it in the carbon fiber look on the pearl white. Any opinions? Has anyone done this before? Pics and feedback are greatly appreciated. Also what is a good lowering spring/strut combo for these cars..i currently have a clunking noise coming from rear of car and I researched about the wax coating coming off and causing bolts to loosen recall and that's been done on this car already at 15000 mikes and it it now has 38000 miles. I also read that these suspensions/struts are quite complex lol. Sorry for the long thread lol
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Can anyone post pics of their e&g body kit mounted no matter the color? How about any mods done to pearl white cts? Thanks
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