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Anybody have a 300hp northstar and a scan tool?

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mcowden was kind enough to send me the datalog of a 275hp northstar during various driving conditions. I'd be very interested in comparing this to a 300hp northstar. Year doesn't matter, although to keep things level, I would prefer a 96-99.

So if you've got a scantool, or can borrow one from a friend, post here!! You might be surprised about what we could learn here!
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Sent you a PM, '95 is just fine. Oh, one more important thing - make sure you're running the required premium at the time if you were running anything else beforehand.
mcowden said:
Hey eldorado1 - if you can hang on a few more weeks, I'll be visiting my dad the weekend of the 29th and he has a 2000 ETC. I'll just drag along the AutoTap and laptop and take the ETC for a ride. Based on the files I sent earlier from my SLS, which parameters do you want to see in the CSV? Same stuff or other parameters? Same conditions? Full operating temperature idle and WOT on premium?
I've got time :D

The 2000 isn't quite a fair comparison to the earlier models, but, it is better than nothing.

What parameters do you have the option of logging?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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