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Anybody have a 300hp northstar and a scan tool?

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mcowden was kind enough to send me the datalog of a 275hp northstar during various driving conditions. I'd be very interested in comparing this to a 300hp northstar. Year doesn't matter, although to keep things level, I would prefer a 96-99.

So if you've got a scantool, or can borrow one from a friend, post here!! You might be surprised about what we could learn here!
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Hey eldorado1 - if you can hang on a few more weeks, I'll be visiting my dad the weekend of the 29th and he has a 2000 ETC. I'll just drag along the AutoTap and laptop and take the ETC for a ride. Based on the files I sent earlier from my SLS, which parameters do you want to see in the CSV? Same stuff or other parameters? Same conditions? Full operating temperature idle and WOT on premium?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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