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Anybody cross shop the new Expedition Limited with the 07 Escalade?

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I know the engines are underpowered, but the towing capacity is 1000lb more, and with the Limited you get many of the same luxury features (ventilated seats, power liftgate, captains chairs, etc.)...
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Not sure I understand, the Expedition Limited is not a competitor to the Escalade. If you were cross shopping youd cross shop a Navigator not an Escalade, so I dont really understand your question.

You might be talking about the Expedition "Extended Length" Limited, but Lincoln will be introducing their Navigator EL shortly as well, making that a moot point. Also, the Navigator is so cheap right now (around 50k MSRP BEFORE rebates), theres no reason to "cheap out" with the Expedition UNLESS you just plain dont like the odd only a mother could love looks of the new Navi.
I get to drive a new Navigator all the time, my neighbor is a huge Ford and Lincoln dealer, while I like the Navigator, it is just way under powered compared to an 07' Escalade. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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