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Any1 see 2007 DUB EDITION ? ? ?

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Much better than the stock,
read the comments on their page about escalades haha

also here is the tahoe:
I'm kinda feeling that Tahoe... nm, I'm getting sick of it already.
I never thought the new Escalade would look so similar to an Envoy. Thats a shame.
Does anyone know what color that Dub slade is?
tahoe looks like a pimped out trailblazer

That pic of the Lade is the best one yet....but is it as good looking as a new Range...very tough call.

The Lade is kinda sorta maybe looking better.....but the front headlights are way too SRX and not enough ESCALADE!

Also If I trade my Black on tan 02 (50k mi w/22's) on a new car right now I can fight for invoice on the new car (cls500) and 25k for the trade(the highest offer out of 4 dealers), which probably wont be possible in 2006 when they will want at least full retail for the 07 lade and how much for my 02.....I'm thinking they will hit me with 18-20K....What do you guys think?
the tahoes comes out in this month dub magazine its very nice
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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