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Hi guys,
I was trying to pull up close to a house and tapped the gas a little too hard in the driveway and bumped the house with the right edge of the bumper. I didn't think anything of it, but when I checked the bumper I realized I hit it hard enough to push in the energy absorber (EA) on the right side. Did nothing to the house. There's no pressure in those EAs anymore, so I don't think it takes much of a jolt to push them in. It sure didn't push back out on its own, so I forced it to extend out with a hammer. I got it to about the same extension as the other side, but it still looks a little screwy. Please see the attached pics. I don't see any warping in the actual bumper or the bumper reinforcement or the brace rods.

Top views (see how the right edge of bumper hardly extends out past the filler):

Left side (not pushed in):

But as you can see in the last two photos that show right (first pic) and left (second pic) from underneath, the part of the bumper that attaches to the brace at right is in a position that exposes part of the filler support. I'm talking about the brown part peeking out with the hole in the middle, in the first of those photos, to the left of where the brace connects to the bumper (I think that's the "Outer filler retainer" in the FSM).

Right, bumped:

Left, not bumped:

I checked some old photos and that right side of the bumper was already really tight up against the outer filler. It did extend out somewhat past the filler before, just very little, and not as much as the left side. So I think I made an existing misalignment worse and enough to notice.

1) Should I just loosen the bumper bolts and slide it a little to the right, then retighten?

2) Or if I want to do this right, should I take the whole bumper assembly and fillers off then reassemble tweaking and straightening anything that seems amiss?

Thanks a lot,
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