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Hey I was wondering who else really liked the stones, and what albums they prefer.

For me its:
- Sticky Fingers
- Goats Head Soup
- Exile On Main Street
- It's Only Rock 'N Roll
- Some Girls

What are your favorite songs?

For me its:
(in alphabetical order)
-100 Years Ago
-Brown Sugar
-Can't you hear me knocking
-Dancing With Mr. D.
- Fingerprint File
-I got the Blues
-If you Can't Rock Me
- Let It Bleed
- Let It Loose
- Luxury
-Miss You
-Monkey Man
-Moonlight Mile
-Rip This Joint
-Rocks Off "I only get my rocks off while I'm sleeping" ;)
-Shine A Light
-Sister Morphine
- Star Star (aka star****er)
-Sympathy For The Devil
-Time Waits For No One
-When The Whip Comes Down
-Wild Horses
-Worried About You

What about you guys?

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I don't really like the Stones (It's a generational thing I suppose); they seem "tame" by todays standards, but i know back then they were risky and stuff. BUt, I think part of the reason that I don't like them is because they didn't quit while they were ahead. Tattoo You was like, their last GREAT album, and they should have quit after that, but they just kept putting out mediocre crap ...

Actually, their last EXCELLENT album was Exile on mainstreet...and MAYBE some girls...

I just prefer the Beatles if I want to listen to ancient rock and and roll...or the beach boys...

My favorites Stones Songs though, are Start Me up, Rock and Roll, Jumping Jack Flash, and Beast of Burden...I hate songs like Angie...:cookoo:

1992 Town Car Cartier & 2014 Accord LX MTX
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Ok I just went out and bought "Sticky Fingers" and I havent listened to the entire album yet, but I can honestly say that "Sister Morphine" is one of my favorite stones songs ever. It is either about a man who gets into a car accident and dies in the hospital while asking for morphine, or its about a man in a (cocaine?) overdose trying to get some morphine. But anyways, it's very dark and haunting, The music seems to drown out Jagger's voice. It seems as though that he's trying to escape out of this hell that he is in.
Very good, very worth a listen. :)
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