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Any reccomendations on where to buy a Hood Ornament for a 2000 DeVille?

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Hi guys,

Someone broke the hood ornament on my grandfather's 2000 DeVille and paying $65 for a new one from the dealer is not appealing. I also borrowed the car and will be returning it Friday, so I need one ASAP, and ebay has nothing for a 2000...any ideas?

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someone pushed against the hood while trying to rip the ornament out.....jeez i woulda thought a hood ornament would come out before that much damage could be done.....sorry to hear/see it.

Quickest would be drive by your local junk yard.
65 for the ornament isnt cheap but I thought it would even cost more than that.
If time is a factor, you can just buy it. Otherwise call junkyards or scope out ebay....eitherway, the hassle may not save you more than half a tank of gas money...
Saw on ebay, it was 10 bucks plus like 8 bucks shipping and wasnt even if you have the time gmpartsdirect may have you backed
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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