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Any interest in CTS/CTS-V MEET

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Any interest out there :) in organizing a CTS/CTS-V meet in Chicagoland area?
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Any interest out there :) in organizing a CTS/CTS-V meet in Chicagoland area?
check out the CTS board, I'm pretty sure they are having something going on within the next couple weeks..... look for flyflip420, I think he's setting it up!
We are trying to get comething together in the Cts forum. :bouncy:
how about something in the midwest this spring -- putnam park in indy?
Sounds good I'm there so I'll keep checking back
I live in elkhart chicago or indy would be fine with me.
Ok......myself and a few other people are going to head over to Dayton's Cars N Coffee on October 8. Their event is between 8am - 11am. I think it would be awesome to get a large group from Columbus and "convoy" over that morning. For those that are interested, let's meet at the Value City parking lot on the west side (4300 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43228). That will allow us to easily leave the parking lot and simply turn right and be on 270 right away. We should all be able to stay together, for the most part. I want to pull out of this lot promptly at I'd say we start gathering around 6:30/6:45am. I've been told that where they get together fills up quickly, so I'd like to get there on the earlier side.

This is their second to last event for the year. If October 8 has bad weather that morning, I will strive to make October 22 the "rain check" day, which will be their last event of year.

Here is their website with address and info Upcoming Events ? Events ? Dayton Cars and Coffee

I've heard they have a very large event and i think it would be fun to roll 20+ deep into their event. Who is in?

If you can't make it to Columbus for the drive over, just meet at Dayton when event starts.

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