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I searched around here and haven't seen one.

Any body here have a Black Mesh After Market Upper and Lower Grill??? or the black ice fog light bezels with pictures???

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Any body have a pic of the stainless mesh grills on a black CTS??
My b.f. says it will look better with the headlights and factory fog light bezel trim.

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Pretty close thanks the center of that grill is to busy for me but I am pretty sure I am looking at a grill from the same company.
The one I was looking at included a black hood trim piece to like in that picture.

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Do you mean these E&G Classics grill and duct inserts that I installed on my 2008 CTS4? I also installed new foglight bezel/brake ducts and emblems.

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Yes, I know I have some bumper cover damage - it was there when I got the car.

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