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Anticipating an ATS in Colorado

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Yesterday I ordered a Premium 2.0L ATS AWD. It's in red with a caramel interior with cold weather package. Was unable to find the car I wanted at any of the dealers around Denver, so I'll wait the 6 to 10 weeks for delivery. I'm excited contemplating this new car as I've been hoping for a long time to someday own a GM car but wanted a turbo all wheel drive car that weighed around 3,400 lbs. The ATS fits the bill perfectly and I love the styling. I have been driving turbo AWD cars since 1992 when I bought an Eclipse GSX. I owned several turbo eclipses over the years until 2005. Mitsubishi got out of that business because of the low take rate and so I bought a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT. I later added a Cobb stage 1 tune and the car is quite nice to drive (~285hp). However, ever since I bought that car I have been looking for something like the ATS. I'm hoping this will the awesome ride I've been looking for.
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Black diamond & morello red are an awesome color and interior. When I saw the black diamond at the dealer I was really blown away and almost changed my mind on the color. I also wanted the morello red interior really bad but didn't want red on red. I have yet to see an ATS "in the wild". No word yet on production date/week...still anticipating...if I don't hear from the sale guy by Friday I'm gonna bug him.
Congrats and thanks for the info. Looks like an 8 week lead time. Since my order was a week and a half later, that would put my build around the end of March...we'll see if that's how it works. Same here on the CUE update.
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