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Anti-Freeze leaking inside car on passenger floor

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Hello. About a week ago I noticed that my engine was 'missing' while in any driving gear. The engine would rumble and shake the car every 5 seconds or so. That symptom faded away in a few days without doing any maintenance so I brushed it off. Immediately after that faded away I noticed this musty, moldy carpet, sweaty-socks odor from the inside of my car. I assumed (hoped) it was just from the carpet getting wet since it has been raining a hell of a lot lately. Yet, that idea didn't make any sense because my car is CLEAN.

After doing a lot of driving in one day, while driving down the highway, smoke started to rise out of my vents just below the windshield. I pulled over in rage and started to inspect the car and everything I could. I then realized that the odor I've been inhaling all day MUST have to do with this smoke emitting from my top vent. That was the time when I realized there was a puddle of orange liquid on the front passenger side floor, anti-freeze! It was dripping from far under the dashboard, right where the carpet meets the bottom of the dash console. I touched the anti-freeze on the carpet and smelled my hands.... THAT'S where the musty, moldy-carpet, sweaty-socks smell was coming from!:rant2:

Anyone have any ideas on what the problem may be? Any help/word/opinion is very much appreciated!



oh yea... I hope that I don't go out to the car later and its flooded inside anymore than what it is with my anti-freeze. omg.
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looks like the heater core is cracked. Happened to me on a car once. turned out one of the outlet tubes where the heater hoses attached cracked. I brought it to a local shop that works on radiators (copper/aluminum) and they welded the crack shut
make sure you bring to someone that can weld aluminum or copper
Guaranteed heater core failure. Just replace it.
Someone else also told me that it could be the heater core. Now I am hearing it from you guys. I would gladly like to hear more people's opinions about this before I start to look into getting this fixed. I really appreciate your guys' time! Any others have a say on this?

EDIT: Ranger you posted as I was typing... Thanks man. You fellas are really helping out....
OK, so it's obviously my heater core... Am I safe driving JUST to work and back without the coolant leaking all over inside? (I work about a mile or less from home.)
just checked out the car.. after 3 hours of not running... it is still leaking on the inside. Any recommendations?:worship:
You should be able to bypass it. Their is a T fitting in the back of the engine, It has 3 connectors. One enters from the engine, One exits straight down, and One exits toward the pass fender. You can temporarily bypass it by unhooking the 2 exit hoses and taking another piece of hose and connecting the 2 exits to each other to make a loop. Their may be a better way to bypass it, I saw a post on here at one time but can not find it again. Dont try to drain it as you dont want to overheat it. The core will have to be replaced. I doubt you can stop the leak fully untill it all drains out.
OK, so it's obviously my heater core... Am I safe driving JUST to work and back without the coolant leaking all over inside? (I work about a mile or less from home.)
NO! Not unless you bypass it as Behind-Bars suggested. Otherwise it will continue to leak all over your carpet as soon as you start the car.
Ok I bypassed the heater core. I didn't leak that much fluid so I do have some left in there, however, I will need to put some more fluid in though I think it would be best to get some of the air out.

I haven't started the car yet. What's the best and most sufficient way to get the air out of the anti-freeze lines? Should I try to get as much out as possible before starting the car or would starting the car help?
the system is self purging so just fill it up until it wont take any more drive it around the block a few times then let it cool and top it off, after this just keep an eye on it.
Drive the car, watch the temp for a while, and, after it cools down - after it cools down - fill the surge tank to halfway up, no more. That airspace is there to allow for coolant expansion and contraction. Any more and you'll blow coolant out the cap as it expands.........

NortHStar is incorrect - you never fill a surge tank/coolant recovery system "until it won't take any more".
the system is self purging

just fill it up until it wont take any more
:tisk: Never, Never, Never fill it. Follow Subs advice.
I was incorrect for some reason I was thinking about filling at the radiator like on the 4.9 not at the serge tank like on the northstar. I guess I havent been under the hood of the deville enough lately.

Thank you for correcting me guys.
the heater core jsut went in my 94 like 2 weeks ago. i replaced it myself in three hours and all is well. im not a mechanic just a do it yourself kinda person so anyone with some skills could perfrom this task.
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