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Anti-freeze depletion / funny smell

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I am the owner of a 1994 Cadillac Sedan de Deville. 4.9 liter V8 PFI

Lately I have this problem that my engine coolant is always low. After the car gets hot it smells as though there is electrical burning in the car but I cannot find any source of electrical burning and no melted wiring.

However just about every time I drive it the reservoir loses anything I have added and is bone dry. Now a couple of things:

1.) The oil is not frothy so i don't believe I have a head gasket issue.
2.) The car doesn't overheat although its around town usage.
3.) I find no leaks of coolant on the floor in the garage whether parked or parked after a long drive.

But I keep having to add antifreeze.

Could the smell be related and what should I be looking for?
The radiator system has not been flushed in the 4 years since I have owned it.

What should i be looking for?
What could my problem be?
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Either you are leaking anti-freeze and it is evaporating before it drips or it is being ingested. Get a cooling system pressure tester (borrow it from AutoZone for free). Pressurize the cooling system (cold) and see if you can spot the leak. If it is external, it will eventually show itself. If it is being ingested (internal leak) it could be an intake manifold gasket.
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