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:rant2: I recently called Anthony's Chevrolet and Cadillac in Fairmont WV about my Torque Converter Switch and when I talked to the Parts Dept, they were sort of busy (talking to each other that is) and after a couple of minutes of the man asking a couple of questions, he informed me that he couldn't find a Torque Converter Switch listed in the book, and they would have to look at the car and then be able to tell me about the Switch.
Yeah right, like I want them to fix my car, when they can't even find a part in their book of parts.
I then called a dealer in Clarksburg who no longer sells Cadillacs but who did look up the part and told be about the prices of a couple of different parts and that they don't sell Caddy anymore, and I should call Anthony's and when I told him about what the man said, he was astounded and said he probably wouldn't call them to repair it. :cool2: Which were my sentiments exactly.
Anyway, if I were looking to buy a Cadillac, new or used I wouldn't advise anyone to go to Anthony's Chevrolet and Cadillac in Fairmont, WV. :thepan:
I am going to search for more dealers in my area, and try to avoid them like the Plague. :bigroll:

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