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Another sensor problem

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Help me out guys.. PO172 - System to rich Bank1, PO175 - System to rich Bank2, and PO101 - Mass or Volume air flow, circuit range performance problem. Right now even though the check Engine light is on the car is running fine. I recently replaced the Oxy. sensors for the the front (both). Someone told me with the PO101 code if it was the air flow sensor the car would be stalling. How true I don't know. Any help guys....

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no it could still be the mass air flow sensor my went bad on my 99 catera and the only codes I got were missfire codes and O2 sensor codes so I just unpluged the mass air flow sensor till my new one got in. I payed $187 from the dealer for it. got the new one put in and car was back to normal.
Thanks for your input. Question though. Can you point me to it on the engine. I'm not sure what it looks like or where it is located.
yeah on your left side there is your air filter houseing well just follow that air line towards your engine and it is a sensor that just plugs in to it. I wish I knew how to upload pics so I could show you.
Found it...Thanks. Does anyone know if a Mass air flow sensor for a 99 catera will work for my 98. Rock Auto has the sensor for the 99 in stock but none for the 98 right now. There price for the 99 by the way is $114.79. ACDelco brand. Pls. let me know asap...Thanks
That's a good price for a Mass Airflow sensor. It's not so long ago that i replaced mine and I remember it's more than $200.00 and i bought it from GM Brasington. You can give them a call just don't forget to mention that you saw their add from the internet so they will give you the discount. They should have what you need, they are GM authorized dealers and the prices are very competitive.
But before you go and buy one, make sure it's faulty. There might just be leak in the air intake pipes, a loose clamp somewhere can cause some problems. If your car is running fine then it could just be a minor problem or the problem is just cooking up until it gives you the stalling which is a classic symptom of the mass airflow sensor problem. Anyway, do a search in this forum and you will find a lot of usefull information on how to deal with this kind of problem. Goodluck
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