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none now, but will look at CT5. 2017 Lincoln MKZ 3.0T. Former 14 ATS 3.6
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I realize others have posted threads comparing loaner cars they've had that were different trims/engines/years/body styles/drive wheels than their own car. Well, here's my $.02.

I had my 14 ATS 3.6 premium AWD in to repair some pothole damage, and received a luxury trim 15 coupe with the turbo engine (15, so 295 lb ft torque).
First off, it's actually the first coupe I had actually seen in person. It was silver. I didn't think I would going to like the coupe much, but I actually warmed up to it quickly. I felt a bit younger driving it, and the back seat was not that bad.

I noticed a couple small differences from my car like a cap less fuel filler, a rubberized floor in the 'secret compartment', and slightly different voice prompts, as well as a ringing sound when I was adjusting the power driver's seat.

The turbo engine felt very nice when revving it high, and also sounded good then. It did feel like it could nearly match my V6 in an all-out race. Off the line and in normal driving, however, I'll take the V6 all day long. It sounds better and has a much more liner power delivery, not feast or famine like the turbo. I realize I may just may not be used to the turbo, but that was my experience anyway.

Note: I actually intended this for the ATS thread ��
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