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Newbie here, OK, I bought a 93 Sedan DeVille for my mom for her birthday, (momzcad), and I can't get the friggin' horns to work. I checked the fuse under the glove box, as well as the maxi-fuse in the engine compartment. Everything checks OK, however, I don't show any juice in the wiring going to the horns themselves. I was thinking that maybe a relay is bad, but I have no idea which one to check. Can anyone help a brother out?

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One of two things has probably happened.
1. The car has aged and the "horn cam" has broken from the plastic being brittle.
2. Someone has worked on the steering column and broken the horn cam.

The horn cam is a plastic ring mounted behind the steering column lock plate inside the column. They are notorious for breaking an ear off and losing grip of the springloaded wire that makes the horn work.
You'd have to remove the air bag or horn pad, (make sure you know how to handle airbags if you are removing them) and take a look at the little tube where the horn wire goes into the "horn cam".
If it needs replaced, I'd have it done by a pro. It takes a lot of special tools, especially if it's a telescoping column.

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