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Another Differential bites it

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I have read a lot of sad stories about differentials on those forum. It seems that once it goes bad, it keeps going bad reapeatedly. This is the first time for me. I just got my '04 CTS a few months ago. It was making a whining noise after the car was good and warmed up and driving 20-25 mph it sounded the loudest. Luckily I am still under warranty and I had it fixed yesterday. The service manager told me it was an entirely new unit. And when you look under the car, the center section does, indeed look brand new. Does anyone know if this 'new' unit is really new? Or a rebuild of someone else's bad differential? I'm contemplating trading the car in for a new one, or at least getting an extended waranty because if this is going to be a recurring problem, I don't want to deal with it.
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Dude, dont be so paranoid. Just be sure to keep an eye on it and watch for leaking fluid. I had mine replaced back in october and it has been fine ever since. Even drove it through an abusive winter.

A month or two ago I did have leaking pinion seals which the dealer fixed for free. If it had not been caught then the diff would have failed but that is irrelevant.

Dont be paranoid but do keep an eye on it.
We are on our fifth (5th) differential - none have leaked - they simply moan & howl like a banshee. Only one (1) of the five (5) has seized up while driving down the interstate, but once is enuf...:eek:

Yeah - look at extended warranty coverage - I'd first scream at GM. I leaned on them until they extended coverage to 10yr/100k.
Mine was replaced in Aug 2005 at only 2000 miles on car and the new one has not made any noise in since, about 17,000 miles. The posi started to chatter within 1000 miles after replacement and I myself changed the gear lube to Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-90 and that noise went away. Knock on wood, mine is behaving like its supposed to.

They say heat is the culprit and I believe it. When I got my car, the dealer was 100 miles from me and I put on 500 miles in less than a week and thats when I heard the axle start to whine/growl and clunk on deceleration.

Cadillac does not make the differential, its made by Getrag. A German company who also makes them for the Corvette and other brands. You never hear about those going bad. The also supply Chevy/GMC with manual transmission for many years.
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