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90 Brougham, 09 Saab 9-3 Wagon
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An update on my progress. This weekend I installed a used holley TBI manifold. Not that bad but not that fun.

I picked the manifold up locally off craigslist. It came with a TB spacer and EGR valve already installed, for 50 bucks total. I cleaned up and replaced the gasket on the EGR.

First off, the original manifold is aluminum so no weight savings. Second the original throttle bracket will not fit. I had to purchase a edelbrock GM throttle bracket kit and add a aluminum plate to mount the throttle cable higher and keep the TV cable level with the throttle body linkage. You must use a TB spacer or the TB will not clear the EGR. Also the EGR is one from a 80's carbed model, ours wont fit. Amazingly the air cleaner assembly still fits under the hood!

The gasket was a huge pita. After 21 years it was cooked to the heads. About 3 hours of my life was spent scraping that sucker off. All went smooth even the timing. Life was good for about 30 minutes after the initial fire up then the racket began. First was a hissing in the cabin when car was put into gear followed by a loud and horrible knocking sound. My first reaction was a rod was about to go....wrong. I drained the oil to check for metal particulate but it was all good. Then i thought maybe the EGR valve was causing some trouble. I had cleaned with carb cleaner prior to installation but never tried to actuate it. BINGO! i disconnected it and squeezed it a couple times and the racket went away. I can't explain it but it worked.

Finally my shift points were all wacky. every gear held on too long and the shifts were really hard. The bracket has the adjustment button mounted on the bottom. So I got some c shaped vise grips and gave it a light squeeze and adjusted it accoording to the PATC guys in shreveport. Viola' nice and smooth again. Car feels way smoother, of course i replaced every vacuum line and just a little more powerful.

thanks for reading
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