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Can anyone suggest a cleaner or compound to remove scratches from the plastic bumper guard around the back of the STS :annoyed:

Less than one month old 2006 STS Black Raven
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You've got the worst color to maintain. If you had another color you wouldn't have noticed it. As a part time professional auto detailer I have to work twice as hard to get a showroom shine. If you don't have a buffer with foam buffing pads, I just suggest you just use a polish glaze, preferably 3M and then follow up with a carnauba non cleaner wax. This will hide the scratch. Just do the whole bumper. The glaze makes the paint shiny and the wax locks in the shine. If you have experience with a buffer, use 3M polishing compound
"for dark cars" and then follow up with wax. Beware of buffing on plastic surfaces. Paint doesn't stick well so on plastic compared to metal.

With practice you can get your car as immaculate as mine :thumbsup:


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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