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and once again another video of the Moore CTSV drifting

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This video was from this past weekend in Atlanta. This weekend we will be at Englishtown NJ on saturday.

Sick of the videos yet or you want moore? :burn:

right click save as.
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Moore please
Awesome - the car sounds nasty!!!
Came awfully close to that light post at the end!
was ok, seen better. :rolleyes: Hey dado who is ur stunt driver?? :histeric: :histeric:
Dado, when are you gonna trade the B-UM-W for a 600HP caddy?
I repeat I never get tired of seeing that V run. Nice job as always DADO! I WILL SEE THIS IN PERSON. Just need to find the right event and the time. Thanks for posting.
I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!!!:worship:

Hey Dado, any plans for taking the V on the Players Run?
With refernce, "defernce" to my age, "RIGHT ON!!"
Another sweet video... You were carrying some good speed on that last one when the pole came up quick.. Nice job as always..:worship: :thumbsup:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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