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Amusing power seat problem

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I have recently moved the front seats from a 1999 STS to my 1998 SLS, The Donor car had memory seats and my car does not.
So now every time I get in the car the seat moves back into the last position set when it was in the donor car. :)
I have tried to get used to the position as it's not miles off but I normally end up adjusting it.
I am not bothered about having the seat memory function so i was wondering if there is a wire I could snip or another solution which would still allow me to move the seats but stop them moving themselves.
I do still have the original seat if needed but they are not so nice and cause an intermittent airbag light so re-fitting them is not desirable
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Does the 1998 have the personalization buttons on the driver's door panel ?

If it does, and you start the car and press MEM 1 or SET 1 and then adjust the seat, then press SET again, does it work ?
No, It doesn't have those buttons
The memory seat module is on the underside of the seat, but I have no idea what would have to be done to disable it.
I did try disconnecting the memory module but then I had no power seats. I think the answer is in my old seat base, I may have to move some parts over.
Re: Amusing power seat problem SOLVED

I have solved the problem by cutting the purple data link cable at the seat harness, Now I can move the seats but they don't move back when I get in and out of the car.
I have a question if any expert on the data link can help me.
I have also moved the door from the donor car (Which had memory function) and I can see the purple data link wire is going from the door control module, out through the door harness. But the buttons on the door don't do anything.
I have looked at the wiring diagrams and I can't see any other component needed to make the memory function work.
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