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AMSOIL P.I. Performance Improver (Product Code APICN)

AMSOIL P.i.® Money-Back Guarantee
AMSOIL P.i.® Performance Improver is so effective, AMSOIL now offers a money-back guarantee on the product’s fuel economy benefits. If you do not see fuel economy improvements in your vehicle after a first-time use of P.i.®, AMSOIL will refund the purchase price of the product.

P.i.® Money-Back Guarantee Conditions
The P.i.® money-back guarantee is limited to vehicles with a minimum of 25,000 miles that have not previously been treated with P.i.® and have not undergone any fuel system or fuel injector cleaning or replacement procedure. P.i.® must be used with a full tank of gas, and the P.i.®-treated gas must be run until the tank is near-empty before filling up again. Fuel economy measurement will then be taken on the tankful of gas following the P.i.®-treated tank, and if no improvement is realized the money-back guarantee applies. To take advantage of the money-back guarantee, you may simply download and print the rebate form available via the above link. The form contains complete qualification details and must be completely filled out and mailed with the P.i.® purchase receipt. (All conditions must be met in order to qualify.)

P.i.® must be used in accordance with the treat rates listed on the bottle. This offer is limited to one refund per customer and is good through May 31, 2011.
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