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The AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide is a very handy tool to help determine which AMSOIL products are available for any of your vehicles:
AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide

I've also found this a pretty handy reference for specs, capacities, wiper blades sizes, spark plug's, etc.

Typically, there are several AMSOIL products available for your car. If you have questions on the differences between these products, please drop me a PM or email.

For engine oils:
The AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30 product TSO (0w30), is the top tier. This is a Group IV, PAO, basestock fluid. I use this oil in my 06 CTS-V.

The AMSOIL SAE Synthetic Motor Oils, products ASM (0w20), ASL (5w30), ATM (10w30), AMO (10w40), and ARO (20w50), are the main line. These fluids are rated for 1 year or 15,000 miles of use in severe service, whichever occurs first. These fluids are also Group IV, PAO, basestock fluid.

The AMSOIL XL Motor Oils, products XLM (5w20), XLF (5w30), XLT (10w30) and XLO (10w40), are the least expensive and are rated for use up to 7,500 miles or six months in severe service (whichever comes first), or longer as recommended by the manufacturer such as in cars with Oil Life Monitors. These oils are Group III, highly hydroprocessed mineral oil basestock, fluids - similar basestock to the vast majority of synthetic motor oils on the market today.

The AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters compliment these oils and is rated for use up to the same oil change interval as the oil in use.
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