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Amp rack installed in 94' Seville

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Just made and installed a new amp box for my sons Seville. It only has one PG 300.2 amp in it right now but he has a PG 500.2 amp on order for the subs that will put out about 800 watts into a 2 ohm load and the 300.2 will be used to run the front channels at about 75 watts/channel. That's my 10" Eclipse from my Navigator that he's using for now, but he's either going to go with a single 12" or dual 10" of either Boston Pros or Eclipse Aluminums. Still have to run a 4 guage power wire to the back as it's only 8 guage right now. On the rack there will be mounted a fused distribution block and and a ground distribution block so that all the wires can be run neatly. Also looking into mounting some blue neon lights inside the box so when the trunk is opened they will light up the inside and going make a lighted plexi glass window on the front of the rack that lights up Seville STS. Should be pretty cool when all done and a helluva nice sound system.
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Awesome! Not only is it a good idea/design, but it looks great as well!
Nice job, makes it look like it's meant to be there.
Aphix said:
Nice job, makes it look like it's meant to be there.
Thanks. That's what I was going for when I designed it as I wanted my son to be able to retain as much of his trunk for other things and keep it clean looking Going to add some lights inside the rack so when the trunk opens the neon lights will glow from inside. It was actually pretty simple and less than $50.00 worth of material. When he gets his own subs, we'll design a box to blend in over the amp rack and will cover it in the same material as the rack.
Thats gonna look nice, make sure to post pics!
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