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Amp on factory Eldorado Stereo

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OK im buying an amplifyer for my speakers and i have everything i need except since it is a factory radio i do not have a place to wire the turnon wire, so i was wondering if i could use the power antenna turnon but i looked at it and there were 3 wires so does anyone know what color the turnon wire for the power antenna is or if there is anything that i could use as a turnon for the amp (in the trunk) "cause i dont want to run a wire to the front" thanks in advance Daniel
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hello the thing is i dont know the color code for this car i have a 95 eldorado etc and i just installed me a new radio and amp as well from my experience on using factory radios with aftermarket amps im not a big fan of them hence the prob u got no way to get remote power to amp u should have just spent a small price and invested in a nice pioneer but since u didnt mabybe one of the other guys can help u with the factory color code but i am installer of car radios and amps so im going to tell u what u have to do on second thought man im going to save u a ton of time if your car is like mine u should have a fuse panel on the left side of your trunk if u have your owners manual this will make next part easy if so pull the fuse for your radio wrap remote wire around fuse a couple of times inset fuse back in and hook other end into your amp this is not going to damage anything its called tapping your fuse panel i do it all the time it saves a lot of wear and tear on me ok if u dont have manual u will have to do it old school just turn radio and pull each one when radio dies presto its simple i coukd do it in less than 5 min if u have fuse panel in trunk let me know if this yakes care of this for u play on
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Hey thanks for all your help, well what i ended up doing is i tried the radio fuse one but it was always on so i tried a few other ones and i now have it on the fuse labled acc so i beleve that is with the starter so when i turn on my key the amp turns on and when i turn my key off it turns the amp off, thanks so much for your help hope this can help others too, Also i have a 1997 cadillac eldorado so i dont know if the acc would work the same on other years
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