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Amelia Island Cars and Coffee

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Wow, did I have a tremendous time with my car on Saturday. Being on the same golf course shared by multi-million dollar automobiles is quite a rush. I have never had so many people ask me questions and comments about my car. I was one proud owner of a CTS-V on that day. Even got a shoutout from Johnny Lieberman of Motor Trend on Twitter...

If any of you ever have the chance to attend this event you must!
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The drive up there was pretty much fun. A one hour drive from home, we got on scenic A1A along the coast. Of course, at 6 A.M. there is not a lot to see. My son led the way in his Audi S4 Avant with manual (like father, like son). He has driven this road day, night forever, so we boogied. Hitting triple digits was a hoot. I have never had this much fun in my V to date. Either it wasn't broken in, my wife was in the car, or it just wasn't the time and place. But this WAS the time and place. Woo-Boy! We got there early and were fourth and fifth in line to get on the golf course. We had to sit for a good half hour or so in the dark until they opened it up for us. Even driving on the turf was fun. When is the last time you took your V for a spin on a golf course, lol?
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