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amazing technology comingour way!!!!!

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Oh I hope this comes soon.....just the thought is the coolest thing I have seen in along time!
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The tech preview is pretty fun to mess around with, can't wait to see this when it's in the final stages :bouncy:
So I was watching and wondering "whats the practical use for this software/technology?"

I can't think of one.

Well one.

That photo-synth is awesome! I love how they literally made a virtual 2/3-D of Notre Dame.

So... my only real probable thought of use was planning something like an attack. Terrorist can use this software to compile detailed blue prints of popular tourist places by using the images they post of their vacation!

Dun dun dun DAAAAAA!!!!

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lots of practical uses for many different reasons.
Video editing magazine publishers book editors anyone who needs large amounts of information for a single job. or just browsing your files would be so much better. I think its a pain trying to go through folder after folder. Anything that has to do with mapping. What its doing is making your monitor capable of the same thing it would have taken hundreds of monitors to do.....pixel resolution will mean nothing now.....I just think it would be a great tool in computing...maybe i'm wrong?
Oh no I get you and I thought of that too.

But it hit me when he had the novel and magazines opened. From the out most view they showed everything looking really small and fuzzy. I was thinking it had terrible resolution till he zoomed in.

Anyways, with that thought in my head I can still picture the user scanning through all their open files [windows] looking for what they need. But one of the htings I enjoy about Windows is ALT+TAB to get back to what you were working on. In that program it seemed like you had to zoom out every time and then zoom back into the next thing.

It could be me and maybe there are features that hadn't been explained yet.
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