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Newbie here - 97 STS. These have been our dream car for
some time - finally scored a 3 yr old with "just the right color"
and all the goodies except Onstar at a great price over
AutoTraderOnline. Took a chance and bought it sight
unseen, drove 300 miles to pick it up, scared to DEATH
as we drove in the yard hoping we didn't get taken.
Luckily, clean as a whistle and immaculate shape.
What a relief! (This happened a couple yrs ago)

Had just over 70k on it. Ran beautifully.
Before it hit 100k, I had to replace the steering rack.
HORRIBLE job! I thought, oh well, now all's well.
We took it in to have the complicated stuff done for
the 100k checkup - I did the plugs and wires myself.
They found 1 bad sensor, so I did that, too. No biggie.

Went on a long trip, alternator started going bad but we
made it home. MAJOR PITA to change! So, all's well again.

Then the water pump went out. This one wasn't too bad.

(Of course, we have the dreaded oil leak, but it's just gonna
have to leak. Unless I hit the lotto and retire, then I'll
tackle it.)

Now the cruise quit, and it isn't the fuse.

See a pattern here? Dream car is turning out to be not
much more than fancy car full of ordinary GM parts that
like to go bad one after the other.

Caddy's used to have a rep for being built like a Swiss
watch and lasting a long time. Oh, well, guess that's
the "dream" part of this "dream car."
PS - before that, had two 89 Lincoln Mark VII's, gave one
away to daughter at 150k(still going strong at 180+k),
still driving the other to work (wives always get the nice
car!) with 208k on it, and haven't had as much problem with
the 2 of them combined as with this 110k Caddy.

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Hey macx - Welcome to the CadillacForums! Sorry to hear about all the problems. Unfortunately, there is a lot of expensive maintenance and repair on these newer FWD Cadillacs, especially if the routine maintenance has been neglected in the past (before you got it). Of course, the performance and luxury make up for it.

There are quite a few knowledgeable people here on the Board to help you with any particular questions you might have. It's kind of quiet here this weekend, what with the Holiday, and our Fearless Leader Sal gone off to Florida to get his new baby - a '95 Fleetwood Brougham.

Thanks for registering and enjoy your time here.

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To the Forums Macx, I think we have all had our share of mechanical things to fix on our Cadillacs, No matter what the make or model Parts do wear out and need replacing. The difference alot of times is the price of the parts and Labor. Consider yourself lucky on the water pump and be glad it didn't burn up your engine when it went south. I just had my water pump replaced > I got lucky on mine , it went out in my driveway at 144k. I bought a "Brand New" pump NOT a rebuild for my car and replaced ALL the hoses and the Belt and flushed the cooling system > Another important thing especially on Aluminum Engines is to allow them to warm up to operating temp before driving > Especially in the Winter. Enjoy the Cadillac Forums and your Ride!

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They aren't trouble. They are just a challenge sometimes...

And just thnk of the sense of accomplishment when you can look back and say "Hey! I fixed that myself."
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