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Alternator problems?

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I have a 99 Eldorado that I replaced the alternator in the fall of 09 with a lifetime warranty re-manufactured one. I had another one go out 2 months ago and now it is acting up again. Do I have some other problem leading to them going out or just having crappy luck with parts?
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I am 5 alt. in on my 97 ETC..The 1st one was a overhaul by a local shop on my original GM. That was at 97,000..that lasted a few years and about 25,000,had it replaced with a Napa new lifetime replacement and its been 4 since then and the last 3000 miles ago and I have 175,000. When this goes i am going to get a refund and buy a new Delco from the dealer..I might even have them put it on as they have a lifetime parts and labor..its just that they get 5 hours at 95.00 to do it...

I would also look over all your grounds and make sure your battery connection are clean. The positive I would split the piggy back connector and make sure its clean also...Good Luck
Glad to here its fixed and it was a simple wire repair,although not always simple in any case to chase down ....
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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